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Update - 21 January 2014

After a rigorous review process, the U.S. Department of Energy has selected Ms. Lulani Ritok and Ms. Amity Tabu from a pool of 20 applicants as the first-time recipients of this student sponsorship awards program. The sponsorship award provides full financial assistance for Marshallese science students to attend a U.S. certified college or university through until graduation or up to a maximum of five years. The program is expected to undergo periodic review and evaluation. Any future plans to extend the MISFP sponsorship awards process to new applicants will be posted to this website.

photo of awards ceremony

MAJURO, 6 Jan. 2014, MISFP Awards Ceremony

As first time recipients of this highly prestigious award, Ms. Lulani Ritok (second from left, front row) and Ms. Amity Tabu (third from left, front row) are all smiles. The sponsorship awards program was developed under the visionary guidance of Mr. Glenn Podonsky, Chief-Office of the Health, Safety & Security together with Dr. Patricia Worthington and Mr. William (Bill) Jackson (left, back row) from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Scientists from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in conjunction with logistics support staff from International Outreach Services, Inc., played a key role in the selection process, and will continue to provide nurturing and guidance for each of the student fellows. The sponsorship award will cover the full cost of college tuition and applicable fees as well as related living and travel expenses. It is also anticipated that MISFP student fellows will have opportunity to gain invaluable work experience at LLNL under the supervision of Dr. Terry Hamilton (right, back row), Scientific Director-Marshall Islands Dose Assessment and Radioecology Program. Also pictured are former RMI President Note (second from left, back row), U.S. Ambassador Armbruster (third from left, back row), Mr. Lance Yamaguchi, Operations Manager, IOS (second from right, front row) and family member (Photo Credit, Catherine Murphy, IOS).

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