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Marshall Islands Monitor

The Marshall Islands Monitor newsletter is published under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Energy
by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Marshall Islands Monitor -- 1 January 2009 -- Volume 1, Number 1
Inside this issue: Misconceptions about the links between radiation exposure and birth defects, Livermore Lab team completes mission to Bikini, DOE appoints new management team, Study on locally grown vegetables and grains, and local news.

Marshall Islands Monitor -- 1 May 2009 -- Volume 1, Number 2
Inside this issue: Is there any truth behind the secret Bravo map?, Renewing hopes for full resettlement, Whole-body counting technicians receive training, DOE releases field survey on Runit Dome.

Marshall Islands Monitor -- July-October 2009 -- Volume 1, Number 3
Inside this issue: Plutonium bioassay monitoring, Update from the DOE Special Medical Care Program, DOE-RMI Annual Program Meeting,Local News, and more.

Marshall Islands Monitor -- December 2009 -- Volume 1, Number 4
Inside this issue: Helping bridge the gap in support of Rongelap Atoll resettlement, Using CAMS to chase the cure for disease, Local News, and more.

Marshall Islands Monitor -- July 2010 -- Volume 2, Numbers 1 and 2
Inside this issue: Questions and Answers: Consequences of the Nuclear Weapons Testing Program, Compliance Monitoring Under Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty, and more.

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