Marshall Islands Dose Assessment and Radioecology Program
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Large Scale Remediation Studies

A large-scale experimental plot on Bikini Atoll (HEJ experiment).

Large scale remediation studies on Bikini Island (Bikini Atoll) have been used to develop techniques to help reduce the dose delivered to resettled and resettling populations in the Marshall Islands. On Bikini, a single application of 1000 kg per hectare of potassium is effective in reducing the uptake of cesium in coconuts by factors of 10 fold or more over pretreatment levels. In addition, the potassium treatment appears to retain its effectiveness over many years and helps increase the productivity of the plants. The HEJ experiment (shown in the photo above) was initiated in the 1990s and is being used to study the effectiveness of using multiple applications of the potassium on soil-to-plant uptake.

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