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International Workshop and Practicum on Geospatial,
Real-time Field Measurements of Gamma-emitting Radionuclides in Soils
Date/duration:BIKINI 2013 has been postponed because of logistical constraints with available aircraft, revised date to be announced.
Place:Bikini Island, Republic of the Marshall Islands
Organizers:Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in cooperation with the Bikini/Ejit/Kili Local Atoll Government and Pacific Operations International, Inc.
Sponsors:U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Health and Safety; Radiation Solution, Inc. (Canada); Pacific Operations International, Inc.
Anticipated Audience:Students and/or young PhDs working in the fields of radioecology, radiological assessments or radiation detection and measurement, other researchers interested in exploring new research or educational opportunities in the field of environmental radioactivity, field sampling, and radiometric analysis
Enrollment:Limited to a maximum of 20
Keywords:Training workshop in nuclear science, real-time geospatial measurements of gamma-emitting radionuclides in soil, Bikini Atoll, nuclear weapons testing in the Marshall Islands, radiological assessments, 137Cs fallout contamination
Contact:Dr. Terry Hamilton at LLNL (

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Bikini Science Workshop Objectives

Under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Health and Safety (HSS), the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) together with the Bikini/Ejit/Kili local government is arranging an International Workshop and Practicum to be held during late spring-early summer on Bikini Island in the northern Marshall Islands.
The workshop will be presented by staff from LLNL along with invited lecturers and subject-matter experts.


The workshop will cover lecture topics related to the impacts of the Marshall Islands nuclear weapons testing program; fate and transport of aged fallout radionuclides in the environment; field radiation detection, measurement, and instrument calibration; and general concepts of external radiation dosimetry. Theory sessions in the morning will be followed by hands-on practical classes in the afternoon. Practical exercises will cover topics such as soil sampling methods and strategies, use of hand-held radiation instruments, and the deployment, use, and calibration of a mobile gamma-spectrometry system mounted on a utility vehicle.

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station incident in Japan highlighted the need for deploying rapid radiological assessments tools, especially in relation to providing real-time, geospatial measurements of radioactive contamination.

A unique feature of this workshop is that all participants will contribute to a practicum to conduct a real-time radiological survey of 137Cs contamination across the future housing and village area on Bikini Island, analyze the data using mapping tools, and be guided through the process of a developing a peer review scientific publication as contributing coauthors.

The practicum will feature the use of a RS-700 mobile gamma spectrometry system from Radiation Solutions, Inc. (Canada) designed for vehicle, airborne or fix location real-time search, surveillance and data recording.

The Bikini Council in partnership with LLNL scientists is also seeking expressions of interest in developing a worldwide consortium of researchers to expand interest in conducting further research at Bikini. This workshop will be the first occasion whereby students or researchers will be able to visit Bikini, meet and talk with other students and professionals, and learn firsthand about the status of current DOE directed research efforts on Bikini.


The workshop will also offer participants a truly unique personal experience. Bikini Atoll is the first World Heritage site for the Marshall Islands. Bikini has largely remained un-occupied for more than 3 decades — there are no shops just a few dirt roads, a coarse coral runway on nearby Eneu Island, a landing dock, bunk housing located along the lagoon, and a mess hall. Enjoy weekends exploring the atoll. Go swimming or snorkeling in Bikini lagoon. Learn how to scuba dive or catch fish using a throw net. The more adventurist and suitably qualified persons will be able to dive on sunken nuclear ship wrecks. Receive a guided tour of old concrete bunkers from the nuclear test era, visit the infamous Bravo test crater or observe the wonders of shark pass. For more information on Bikini Atoll. See


The final cost of the workshop, formal organized excursions and other recreational activities have yet to be determined (click here for any updates) but will include the cost of transportation between Majuro and Bikini, workshop resources as well as food and accommodation while on Bikini. International airfares and stopover accommodation on Majuro will need to be covered separately by the workshop participants.

We had originally planned to conduct the workshop in 2013 in conjunction with the production of a full-scale IMAX feature entitled FORBIDDEN PARADISE on the history of nuclear testing program in the Marshall Islands. The film producer was unsuccessful in securing the necessary funds but has rebid for 2014 under the title "Lost Island: Secret of the Pacific" so it is possible that we may reschedule the workshop for 2014.

Due to space and equipment constraints, the workshop is limited to 20 participants. We are now seeking expressions of interest in attending this training workshop and practicum. Expressions of interest or further information can be obtained from Dr. Terry Hamilton (

You can also reserve your place at the workshop by completing the registration form Click Here

Note: Applicants who signed up for the previously announced workshops do not need to re-apply—you will be contacted separately whenever the course is rescheduled.

shipwreck photo by Eric Hanauer
Photo © Eric Hanauer

Bikini Workshop Sponsor Profiles

The Secretary of Energy created the Office of Health, Safety and Security (HSS) to integrate Department of Energy (DOE) Headquarters-level functions for health, safety, environment, and security into one unified office. HSS is focused on providing the Department with effective and consistent policy development, technical assistance, education and training, complex-wide independent oversight, and enforcement. The DOE Office of Health and Safety establishes worker safety and health requirements and expectations for the Department to ensure protection of workers from the hazards associated with Department operations. The Office conducts health studies to determine worker and public health effects from exposure to hazardous materials and supports international health studies and programs. International health studies include those associated with studies of the Japanese A-Bomb survivors, the Russian nuclear weapons workers at Mayak and in the community around Mayak, and in providing healthcare and environmental monitoring for communities impacted by nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands (DOE / HSS / Marshall Islands).

Radiation Solutions Inc. (RSI) is a designer and manufacturer of advanced gamma ray spectrometer instrumentation for Airborne, Mobile and Handheld radiation measurements. RSI's cutting edge radiation detection technology incorporates a fully digital system design, spectral analysis and advanced data processing. RSI's research and development team offers unprecedented expertise in the industry, with over 25 years experience and extensive successful product field implementation. "At RSI it is our corporate goal to always provide the highest possible quality of product, support and service."

Pacific Operations, Inc. (POII) is a small business, incorporated in the State of Hawaii. POII was organized to provide unparalleled logistics support to U.S. Government agencies in the Pacific arena, and is exceptionally well acquainted with the RMI. POII is an experienced provider of flexible, cost effective, logistical support, especially to challenging remote locations, including travel coordination, facilities maintenance, translation services, and supply chain management.

This work was performed under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Energy by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under Contract DE-AC52-07NA27344. LLNL-BR-534511

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